Who Attends Renewable Energy World India

Make connections with high-level dignitaries, officials and executive management from government, utilities and private enterprises from India and around the world.


  • Academia 
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Architects
  • Associations and Industry leaders
  • Bio-diesel / bio-ethanol distributors or refining companies
  • Building Owners
  • Clean-Tech specialists
  • Code Officials
  • Concentrators, EPC companies
  • Consultants and certification agencies
  • Construction Companies
  • Component Manufacturers
  • Corporates
  • Electrical, mechanical and civil contractors
  • End users
  • Engineers
  • Environmental Groups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Governments and High level decision makers
  • Green Power Providers
  • Hydro turbine manufacturers
  • Insurance companies, surveyors, operations and maintenance providers
  • International organizations
  • Law Firms

  • Manufacturers of energy efficient equipment for power generation
  • Manufacturers of geothermal heat and ring compressors pumps
  • Manufacturers of LED and charge controllers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of generators
  • Media
  • Municipalities
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Policy level thinkers
  • Planners
  • Project Developers
  • PSUs
  • R & D institutions
  • Smart grid
  • Software solution developers
  • Solar cells manufacturers
  • Technology developers
  • Trade associations
  • Utility providers
  • Wind electric generator (WEG) manufacturers
  • Wind farm owners
  • Venture Capitalists, financial institutions etc.


Preliminary Event Guide

Everything you need need to know

Everything you need to know
Everything you need to know

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